Defining Love

Defining Love | Part 1

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We are heading into a season that is centered around the infamous holiday – Valentines Day. This Valentines Day there will be 9 million marriage proposals. If you were to ask, does this holiday really matter to people? A survey would argue that almost 80% of Americans say that it’s important to celebrate this Holiday.

Our culture has become so used to superficial friendships and relationships, our culture throws the word “Love” around so frequently and without purpose that we have robbed the word “Love” of it’s very meaning.

Yet it is so imperative to your relationships, your friendships, to your families, your spouse, your children, those that you work with and society as a whole, it is so imperative that we understand love so that we can show it, and exemplify it.

Please join us as Pastor Donnie teaches from 1 John chapter 4 on the Love of God.