Fight For Your Family

Fight For Your Family | Part 3

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We are concluding our series titled “Fight For Your Family.” We have discussed fighting for your children, fighting for your marriage and today we will focus on implementing principles that will help you as a family, fight for your family.
The most heart breaking statistics 3 years ago was that 75% of students 18-29 would fall away from their relationship with Jesus. In this study they found 5 common practices among the 25% that remained rooted in Christ during the ages 18-29, those practices are 1. Ate dinner 5 of 7 nights a week as a family, 2. Served with their families in a ministry, 3.had one spiritual experience in the home during the week. 4. Entrusted with responsibility in ministry at a young age and 5. Had at least one faith focused adult in their lives other than their parents.
Please join us as Pastor Donnie teaches how to Fight For Your Family from 1 Chronicles.