Wild Game Dinner | Carl Redding

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Carl served for over 20 years as a Youth Pastor in Pennsylvania, and during this time he developed his love for the Bongiorno Conference Center. He then served as Lead Pastor at Macomb Assembly in Illinois from October of 2017-2021. His wife, Andrea, serves along side of him, and he has 2 daughters, Abigail and Megan. They love spending time together traveling as well as in the outdoors, shopping or having a meal out. They’re passionate about loving their community and serving people. Carl loves to be outdoors in his free time, bowhunting, skiing, kayaking or fishing.

Carl enjoys seeing people grow in their relationship with Christ and loves to see leadership development goals reached in the lives of individuals. Carl truly believes that God has a plan for every person that walks the earth and often finds encouraging words to motivate them to become all that God wants them to be.