Women’s Ministry | Take Time For Tea

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Embrace Growth and Community with

Bloom Women’s Ministry

Join Amanda Bartkoski, Director of the Women’s Ministry at C3, in this empowering video as she introduces Bloom Women’s Ministry during the Tea Party event. Amanda shares her journey of accepting the role, receiving a divine inspiration for the ministry’s name (Bloom Women’s Ministry), and envisioning a community where women can thrive and bloom into their authentic selves. She invites women to actively engage in building relationships, shares the theme for the year (“We Grow Together”), and highlights upcoming events. Experience the warmth, enthusiasm, and heartfelt prayer that sets the stage for a transformative journey with Bloom Women’s Ministry.

Emboldening Women in Faith:

Embracing Transformation through Vulnerability

Join Amanda Russo, the Assistant Women’s Ministry Director here at C3, as she delivers a thought-provoking speech on emboldening women in their faith journey and the transformative power of vulnerability, mentorship and community. Discover the significance of building authentic connections, creating a safe space to share doubts and struggles, and encourage one another on your walk with Jesus. Through personal stories and biblical insights, Amanda inspires women to step out of their comfort zones, build relationships, confront insecurities, and invite Jesus to work wonders in their lives. Experience the call to action, urging women to seek meaningful connections and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and deepened faith.